The chickens are very friendly and enjoy being picked up by our guests.

our history

Mariefields is the home of Organic Permaculture in Australia. It was  formerly Tagari Farm of Tyalgum, NSW where Bill Mollison first developed the Permaculture Concept in Australia.

Mariefields is now under the stewardship and management of Dr John Quayle who has had extensive ecological experience in Asia developing long-term sustainable environmental models. 

The new vision and creative environmental foresight sees these permaculture fields undergoing resurrection with environmental protection and long-term sustainability as the focus of future development. 

Wildlife corridors, protected  bird islands, native tree plantings and watercourse protection will ensure long term environmental sustainability. 

Developing low impact organic free-range poultry and pigs, market gardens, tropical fruits, aquaculture, forestry, manuka honey, bamboo products and low intensity breeding of top grade organic grass-fed Angus beef cattle will ensure long-term economic viability. 

With community and child education at the forefront, Mariefields will continue to demonstrate long term commercial economic sustainability can be achieved in parallel with environmental protection

our team

Our team is dedicated  to protection of the natural environment while at the same time develop it in a long term sustainable and economic way. 

We extend to you a warm and personal welcome to our farm. We hope you make Mariefields Your Farm away from Home 

our services

Mariefields is a working cattle and organic farm so watch the daily activities or join in and assist.

The fully operational farm gives an  opportunity to experience close-up the day to day activities. 

our activities

A short walk from the Farmhouse are cattle yards, chickens ,ducks ,bees  and dams with fish and wildlife. 

Feed the chickens ,collect free-range organic eggs for your breakfast or catch a freshwater yabby  in the dam.

Visit our creek early in the morning and see if you can spot our resident platypus. 

Take a bike ride around the roads on one of our bikes that are free to use.

There will be many opportunities for you to see daily farm life and personally be involved.

Pick mangoes, olives ,oranges,mandarins,grapefruit ,lemons,coffee and breadfruit when in season .

our wildlife

Mariefields Farm has not used any chemicals for over 30 years. 

Chemicals destroy the natural  ecosystem of an area killing small plants, fungi and insects. This in turn reduces the viability of the land to support larger species of insects ,wildlife and birds.    

The chemicals and insecticides destroy the fragile ecosystem and upset the balance of nature by killing the lower level ecosystem.


You will be amazed at the many different species of native wildlife and birds you can see on the farm as well as the many different species of insects and butterflies.

Mariefields is a true testament to the preservation of nature by non chemical intervention and the damaging and detrimental effect chemicals and insecticides have on our environment.

Mariefields Farm from the Pinnacle on the BORDER Ranges

A view of Mariefields Organic Farm from the Pinnacle on the Border Ranges National Park